Sunday, September 28, 2008


So far this is what we have been doing for the adoption of our little child. I will try to upload to the side of this blog and keep it up-to-date as much as possible:

08-23-08 Started paper chasing
08-29-08 Received documents from Home Study Agency
09-03-08 Nancy's initial interview with Psychologist
09-04-08 Talley's initial interview with Psychologist
09-08-08 Hand delivered application and with paperwork to home study Agency (LSSS)
09-09-08 Nancy's physical exam
09-11-08 LSSS cashed check
09-11-08 Sent Application to Placement Agency (Adopolis)
09-11-08 Fourth wedding anniversary
09-17-08 Talley's physical exam
09-19-08 First Home Study (Talley's and couple's interview)
09-20-08 Last Home Visit (Nancy's interview, home inspection)
09-27-08 Started Hague training (7 hours)
09-28-08 Finished Hage training (3 hours)
10-03-08 Talley's psychological test
10-17-08 Nancy's psychological test

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