Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lessons from the training

Talley and I went to a training class past weekend. It was so informative! I can not believe how much information we got in just 10 hours. I wish it was even longer!
A few things we learned:
1. We need to be the only caretakers of our child for the first six to eight weeks we have him/her. That will help with the attachment and bonding between us.
2. We need to be prepare to deal with the grief that our child may experience for the separation his/her environment.
3. Our child may have some development issues, but there are tools out there that could help us.
4. It is important to keep the identity of our child, therefore Colombian culture will be preserve in our house.
5. We are not alone in this process. There are many other couples who are walking the path of adoption, and there are many tools that can help us to do the transicion as smooth as possible.

Our biggest lesson: more than ever, we are sure that we want to expand our family through adoption. I’m sure we will be good parents!

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