Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Dance... Miracles DO happen!

OMG.. thinking about the title of this very short post I have come with more than a thousand!

My mom just received my background check and she already shipped it to us! It should be arriving to Austin very soon. What about that? Miracles do happen :-)
With this document, our home study will be ready!

On the other hand… Talley and I talked about where to apply for our child, in a casa privada or at ICBF. With the suggestion of our placement agency, we decided to submit a preliminary application to the casa privada (they only need the official home study and the report from the psychologist). If we do not get in their wait list in six months, we will apply with ICBF.

At the same time that we apply for the casa privada (Los Pisingos), we will request permission to the government of US to bring an orphan home, and that could take up to 90 days to get. So our decision may only delay the process three months.

So we may be submitting paperwork to Colombia in the next couple of weeks!!! HAPPY DANCE!

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