Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What is next?

We keep researching about adoption, where to do it, what do we need to do and other million questions that come to our mind.

Ukraine was an option for international adoption, but after reading so many people coming back home with their arms empty was not motivating. We don't want to make it all the way there and still come back childless.

So, we thought about adopting from Venezuela, but I called the Central Authority there and it is almost hopeless, the process way to complicated!! (In 2007 there were only 5 adoptions reported from Venezuela in USA, that means something!). However, my parents will try to research more locally to see if there is any chance. I would love to have a Venezuelan kid!!!

But... maybe it will not be Venezuelan, what about Colombian? They have a very well known program that is really good. There is culture of adoption in that country. For those who don't know, Venezuela and Colombia were once one country. This video shows this country. This is our adoption country of choice!

Deciding that we want a child from Colombia means that we may have to wait two years to get a kid. It sounds like a lot of time, but we are ready to wait for our son/daughter to join us. Now it is time to put together our dossier.

One of our big steps is deciding to go through this process without an Agency in US. I'm researching as much information as possible to get everything right. There are dozens of websites that can help you with this task. I contacted the central authority in Colombia to verify they do not request us to have an agency. I also contacted the USCIS to make sure there are not problems with them either. We got green light from them!!!

Please keep us in your prayers, this will be a very long process and we need all the support we can get.

Talk to you later!