Friday, April 15, 2011


It has been very long times since last time I posted, but believe me, there hasn't been even one day that I have think about becoming a mother. We started our process in 2008, and we got approval from ICBF on August 2009. Almost two years later, and we are still here, waiting. So what does a mother do when she is expecting? Nesting!Well... my paper pregnancy is too long to be decoraring the room or baby-proofing the house. It is also very uncertain, as we don't know the gender, age, or taste of the child to be buying clothes, painting walls, buying toys. But that doesn't take away that I can be nesting! A good friend of mine suggested a brilliant idea. I can build my child's library! So each month I have been buying children’s books. Some are in English, others in Spanish. I can only imagine getting to the end of the day and sitting with our little one and reading these books. Again, this is a brilliant idea! I already have like ten books, and the collection will keep growing each month. Lets see how many books we ended having! The other thing I bought for our child is a Sock Monkey. My husband has memory of his childhood with this monkey, so I thought it will be the perfect first toy for our child. I had never seen one in person, but now it is sitting in our living room and I think it is adorable. Other way of nesting is changing furniture. We had a hand-me-down sofa, and the sitting space in our living room was limited. So... new sofas arrived! And I'm waiting a little bit longer to replace our coffee table with an ottoman with storage, so we can keep toys there :-) That is it with the Spillers for now. We are still working hard, playing harder, and enjoying ourselves. Stay tuned for the next episode: Homestudy III (coming to this blog next May, after successful homestudies I and II)