Sunday, September 28, 2008


So far this is what we have been doing for the adoption of our little child. I will try to upload to the side of this blog and keep it up-to-date as much as possible:

08-23-08 Started paper chasing
08-29-08 Received documents from Home Study Agency
09-03-08 Nancy's initial interview with Psychologist
09-04-08 Talley's initial interview with Psychologist
09-08-08 Hand delivered application and with paperwork to home study Agency (LSSS)
09-09-08 Nancy's physical exam
09-11-08 LSSS cashed check
09-11-08 Sent Application to Placement Agency (Adopolis)
09-11-08 Fourth wedding anniversary
09-17-08 Talley's physical exam
09-19-08 First Home Study (Talley's and couple's interview)
09-20-08 Last Home Visit (Nancy's interview, home inspection)
09-27-08 Started Hague training (7 hours)
09-28-08 Finished Hage training (3 hours)
10-03-08 Talley's psychological test
10-17-08 Nancy's psychological test

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Our social worker emailed me yesterday to let us know that the first draft for our homestudy should be ready tomorrow Friday.. yes!  

This weekend we have our Hague training.  It is mandatory that any person adopting from a Hague country takes 10 hours of these classes.  We are getting them all this weekend!  It should include topics as attachment, bonding, doctors for children adopted internationally, and topics like that....

What Is the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption?

The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption is an international agreement between participating countries on best adoption procedures. These procedures have basically two goals in mind:

  • The best interest of children are considered with each intercountry adoption.
  • The prevention of abduction, exploitation, sale, or trafficking of children.

The guidelines and procedures that are set forth in the Hague Convention are also for the protection of birth families, as well as adoptive families. Part of the Convention's guidelines ensures that one Central Authority is in place in each country so that adoptive parents get the most accurate information regarding adoption. The Department of State is the U.S. Central Authority for the Convention.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Anniversary Day

September 11th was our 4th wedding anniversary.  That was past week, a Thursday.  A couple of things happened that day:

  • Talley got me flowers, beautiful!!!!  The same color that I picked for him in our wedding.
  • I had a job interview for a different position in the same company.  I'm still waiting to hear back from them.
  • We mailed the application out for the adoption agency.  
  • The home study agency cashed our check.
  • We had a romantic dinner in a nice restaurant downtown.  Talley picked it and it was really good!
I'm still very gratefull to have found a wonderful man like Talley to become my husband, my life's partner and the future dad of my child.  I LOVE YOU HONEY!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Home Study update!

We had the social worker's visit and interviews!  

On Monday I was announced to switch my work schedule, so I had to work Wednesday, the same day the social worker was coming to visit!  That made my Tuesday a cleaning day, dusting everything in our house!  Everybody tells you that this is not a 'white-glove inspection', but I wanted to be ready just in case!  Talley helped to clean a little bit more when he came from work.

So here is how it went:  she came to the house, we offered her something to drink, she sat in our living room, explained the process and then started asking questions about discipline, grief, bonding and other things that I barely understood!  Talley did great answering most of them :-)
Then she asked me to leave so she can have the individual interview with Talley, I left to walk the dogs.  Later she left.

So... did you look at the house?  did she noticed that I cleaned everything?  Nop!!!  If all visits were the same than this one, this is a piece of cake!

Thursday was my individual interview.  She came to the house again.  But this time I did not clean or get ready!  I was at work and running just on time to make it to the appointment (thanks Cali!).  I noticed immediately that the house was not totally clean, but considering past day, I did not care that much.  She came to our door 5 minutes after I walked in.  She asked questions about my family, my relationship with them, our hobbies, what do we do together.  Then she asked me to tour the house!!!  OMG, I was not ready for this! We did not make the bed that morning (like usual), and I have a pair of socks in our bedroom.  Well, she saw how we live everyday.  Our house is not messy, but I wanted to have everything perfect.  She was fine, opened closets, refrigerator, freezer, pantry, cabinets and even flush the toilets!  Anyway, I guess she wanted to make sure we live there and there is space for a child.

She will be drafting our home study report and sending  it to us to check it out before going to our agency... it was so easy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Study

We just talked to our social worker and she is coming to visit next Wednesday!  This should be exciting.  The same day we will have the couple's interview and Talley will have his interview.  Mine will be on Thursday.

We turned out papers to the home study agency past Monday (9/08), and mail out the papers for the adoption agency on Thursday (9/11, our anniversary!).

Now it is time to get the house ready for the home study!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


We found an agency!!! We are all set! Well, kind of. They don't have our application, but they know we like them and that we will go with them.

How did we pick them? First of all, we coudn't find any negative review about them. Second, they have been working with Colombian adoptions forever! And third, it was recommended. When I talked to the lady in charge of the program she was very nice, and made me feel comfortable. I did not have to leave a message in a machine like with a whole bunch of other agencies!

So, here are our partners for adoption:

Home Study Agency: Lutheral Social Services of the South
Adoption Agency: Adopolis

BTW, we already had our interviews with the psychologist... we only need a test and we are done with him!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random thoughts

  • We have wonderful friends and neighbors who have agree to write personal recommendations for us. They are mailing the letters out to our home study agency. OMG! I'm so excited that this is happening. A lot of people are helping us to have a kid.
  • On the other hand, I got an email from my mom. She is still trying to figure out how to adopt in Venezuela. I wish there is a hope to do it there, but we know it is very difficult.
  • I had an interview with the psychologist yesterday. Today is Talley's turn. Hopefully he will declare us ready to be parents!
  • We got news today that Talley's birth certificate is on its way!!!!
  • I have a doctor appointment next week to get the physical test. It will even include a drug test!!! Talley's will have to be done the following week.
  • I keep trying to contact agencies for the adoption. There is an slide chance that we will be able to do a semi-independent adoption! Yes!!! I hope this happen.
  • I stopped in Half books yesterday and got two books about how to raise a toddler. We may not have one for two years, but hey! it is never too soon to be ready.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home Study documents

We are killing trees! And this is just the beginning of how to kill a forest!. Our application for the home study needs a whole bunch of documents fill out. To get an idea, here is what they are asking:

Materials needed for Home Study with Lutheran Social Services of South

1. Applications - Done
2. Directions for reaching home - Done, the agency is 5 minutes from our house!
3. Medical forms on each member of the family - Need to get the appointments.
4. Autobiography - Half done
5. Marriage and Parental questionnaires. - Almost done
6. Clear snapshots of all family members. - Working on that this weekend.
7. Photo of the front of the residence and proposed outdoor play area for children. - Waiting for prints of the front of the house and need to take picture of outdoor play area.
8. Budget sheet. - Done
9. Copy of marriage certificate. - Done
10. Proof of citizenship. - Done
11. Reference letters. - On their way
12. Statement verifying employment and salary. - On their way (HR will send them tomorrow)
13. Copy of front page of most current tax return. - Done
14. A photo release permitting the sharing of information and pictures in the management program. - Done
15. Financial agreement with a check (application fee). - Done
16. Authorization for Criminal History & Child Abuse Record Check. - Done
17. A copy of the driver’s license and SS card. - Done
18. Copy of each applicant’s birth certificate. - Missing Talley's... waiting for delivery
19. A floor plan of the house, identifying the dimensions and purposes of each room in our home. - Done
20. Firearms Safety Verification. - Done
21. Statement verifying we received a whole bunch of information from the Agency! - Done

PS: I almost forgot to mention, but we need an agency to proceed with the adoption process. So we are hunting for one now!