Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random thoughts

  • We have wonderful friends and neighbors who have agree to write personal recommendations for us. They are mailing the letters out to our home study agency. OMG! I'm so excited that this is happening. A lot of people are helping us to have a kid.
  • On the other hand, I got an email from my mom. She is still trying to figure out how to adopt in Venezuela. I wish there is a hope to do it there, but we know it is very difficult.
  • I had an interview with the psychologist yesterday. Today is Talley's turn. Hopefully he will declare us ready to be parents!
  • We got news today that Talley's birth certificate is on its way!!!!
  • I have a doctor appointment next week to get the physical test. It will even include a drug test!!! Talley's will have to be done the following week.
  • I keep trying to contact agencies for the adoption. There is an slide chance that we will be able to do a semi-independent adoption! Yes!!! I hope this happen.
  • I stopped in Half books yesterday and got two books about how to raise a toddler. We may not have one for two years, but hey! it is never too soon to be ready.

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