Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home Study documents

We are killing trees! And this is just the beginning of how to kill a forest!. Our application for the home study needs a whole bunch of documents fill out. To get an idea, here is what they are asking:

Materials needed for Home Study with Lutheran Social Services of South

1. Applications - Done
2. Directions for reaching home - Done, the agency is 5 minutes from our house!
3. Medical forms on each member of the family - Need to get the appointments.
4. Autobiography - Half done
5. Marriage and Parental questionnaires. - Almost done
6. Clear snapshots of all family members. - Working on that this weekend.
7. Photo of the front of the residence and proposed outdoor play area for children. - Waiting for prints of the front of the house and need to take picture of outdoor play area.
8. Budget sheet. - Done
9. Copy of marriage certificate. - Done
10. Proof of citizenship. - Done
11. Reference letters. - On their way
12. Statement verifying employment and salary. - On their way (HR will send them tomorrow)
13. Copy of front page of most current tax return. - Done
14. A photo release permitting the sharing of information and pictures in the management program. - Done
15. Financial agreement with a check (application fee). - Done
16. Authorization for Criminal History & Child Abuse Record Check. - Done
17. A copy of the driver’s license and SS card. - Done
18. Copy of each applicant’s birth certificate. - Missing Talley's... waiting for delivery
19. A floor plan of the house, identifying the dimensions and purposes of each room in our home. - Done
20. Firearms Safety Verification. - Done
21. Statement verifying we received a whole bunch of information from the Agency! - Done

PS: I almost forgot to mention, but we need an agency to proceed with the adoption process. So we are hunting for one now!

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