Saturday, September 12, 2009

Five years ago :-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Guess what?/ Adivina que?

We are approved for a child up to three years old!!!
We officially entered the waiting list in Colombia!!!! I'm beyond speechless..
Constanza sent us an email this morning at 3 am, and I didn't look at it until 8:30 am... I can't believe the email was sitting there for such a long time! When I started reading the preview of the message from work (thanks Gmail for that feature!), I had to call Talley and have him wait with me until the message finally opened (longest 45 seconds in my life...).
Next steps: In approximately three years, our paperwork will be send to a regional office, then child referral and then travel to pick him/her up! Long way to go, there may not be more adoption news for a while, but we are thinking about the prize at the end of this journey.


Nos aprobaron en Colombia para adoptar un ninno o ninna hasta 3 annos de edad! (de 0 a 35 meses). Hoy recibimos un correo de nuestra agencia con tal noticia. Empece a leer el correo en la oficina, pero tuve que llamar a Talley de inmediato porque no podia tener la noticia yo sola.
Que viene? En tres annos (o un poquito mas) enviaran nuestros papeles a la oficina regional, luego nos daran los detalles del ninno/a disponible para adopcion, nosotros confirmamos que le queremos, y luego iremos a recogerle!!!! Falta mucho tiempo para que todo esto suceda, pero no importa, igual estamos alegres que va a ocurrir!!!!