Friday, September 19, 2008

Home Study update!

We had the social worker's visit and interviews!  

On Monday I was announced to switch my work schedule, so I had to work Wednesday, the same day the social worker was coming to visit!  That made my Tuesday a cleaning day, dusting everything in our house!  Everybody tells you that this is not a 'white-glove inspection', but I wanted to be ready just in case!  Talley helped to clean a little bit more when he came from work.

So here is how it went:  she came to the house, we offered her something to drink, she sat in our living room, explained the process and then started asking questions about discipline, grief, bonding and other things that I barely understood!  Talley did great answering most of them :-)
Then she asked me to leave so she can have the individual interview with Talley, I left to walk the dogs.  Later she left.

So... did you look at the house?  did she noticed that I cleaned everything?  Nop!!!  If all visits were the same than this one, this is a piece of cake!

Thursday was my individual interview.  She came to the house again.  But this time I did not clean or get ready!  I was at work and running just on time to make it to the appointment (thanks Cali!).  I noticed immediately that the house was not totally clean, but considering past day, I did not care that much.  She came to our door 5 minutes after I walked in.  She asked questions about my family, my relationship with them, our hobbies, what do we do together.  Then she asked me to tour the house!!!  OMG, I was not ready for this! We did not make the bed that morning (like usual), and I have a pair of socks in our bedroom.  Well, she saw how we live everyday.  Our house is not messy, but I wanted to have everything perfect.  She was fine, opened closets, refrigerator, freezer, pantry, cabinets and even flush the toilets!  Anyway, I guess she wanted to make sure we live there and there is space for a child.

She will be drafting our home study report and sending  it to us to check it out before going to our agency... it was so easy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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