Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad!

In Venezuela we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. We get together and have dinner as a family (a very late dinner). Then children go and play and at midnight baby Jesus bring them gifts (usually one per child). Oh, how many good memories I have from this holiday! Of course, now I live in US and I kind of got used to the tradition here to celebrate on the 25th. We will have lunch with Talley's mom and dinner with Talley's dad where my brother Max will join us with his special friend.

No matter what tradition we follow, this year is special. It is the first time that we are working toward expanding our family. Yesterday, December 23rd, we sent the last paperwork needed in our Dossier to be sent to Colombia. That is a HUGE milestone! Anybody who have gone through this process know how important is to complete and collect all the documents. Now start one of the less expected parts of the journey: to wait. Wait to have our documents translated and send to Colombia (2-3 weeks). Wait for the Colombian goverment to give us approval to adopt there (could take three months or more). Then we will have to wait again to get a referral for our beautiful child (+/- 2 years). So we are expecting to be celebrating Christmas with a child in 2011 (if we are lucky). Hey, I'm not complaining because he/she is not here yet, I'm happy because it is sooner than at the beginning of the process!

During this time, and during this particular holiday I will always be greatful for the beautiful family I have. I'm very lucky to have found one of the best human beeing in the world: Talley who will also be one of the best fathers ever! (I saw him last night playing with his little cousins and niece, he is soooo ready to be a dad!). Yes, I have been very blessed in my life to be surrounded by wonderful people on this season.

May this holiday season bring you happiness in your life. Feliz Navidad!


Laura S said...

Colombia is the same..celebrating the holiday on Dec 24th. We have incorporated it into our family by opening family presents on Christmas Eve and then opening the presents Santa leaves on Christmas morning. Best of both worlds.

Erin said...

Congrats on getting your paperwork done! That is a huge milestone!

Nancy said...

Thank you Laura and Erin! We may leave our in-laws houses gifts for Santa ;-) That is a wonderful idea!