Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I-797C, Notice of Action

So a couple of things had happen these days.

First, Talley's little sister Savannah (17) with her choir sang on the White House today!!!  Check the video (sec. 37). 

On Sunday, after arriving from work I decided to look at our mailbox.  Silly me because Talley check the mail on Saturday, and there is not delivery on Sunday!!!  But when I opened it, I found the letter from USCIS acknowledging that they received our I800!!!  That is very exciting :-)  But not only that, but today we got our letters with appointments to get our Biometrics done!  That means that the process is moving :D
Other than that, we put out our Christmas tree, and decided that our child will learn about the true meaning of this festivities.  Baby Jesus will bring our child a gift on Christmas.   Santa can take care of the rest of the world ;-)


Amalena said...

CONGRATS on the receipt from USCIS. Another step closer is always good news. :)
Best Wishes & Happy Holidays!

Ruth Ann Craven said...

Congrats on getting your letter from USCIS! You are one step closer to your child! It's also nice to know that there is another family out there that is going to teach their child the true meaning of Christmas!