Thursday, December 11, 2008


At this point in Adoption, we are following two different process. One with the US Goverment and the other one with the Colombian Goverment.

The one in US is to request permission to bring an orphan here. They are requesting our biometrics (to be done on 12/19 - received letter on 12/09).

The other one is the paper chasing to complete our dossier to send to Colombia. This is the current status:

Home Study - needs Apostille
FBI Clearance for each adoptive parent. - At the FBI, it will be a week tomorrow that they received it.
Birth certificate of each adoptive parent (long form) - Talley's needs Apostille. Nancy's ready.
Marriage certificate (long form) - Needs to get Apostille.
Employment letter for each adoptive parent (if applicable). Needs Apostille.
Physician letter for each adoptive parent - Needs Apostille.
Psychological assessment of the couple or single adoptive parent - Needs Apostille.
Name affidavit - Needs Apostille.

All the documents that need Apostille are ready to be taken to the Secretary of State. I should be doing very soon!

The dossier also needs to include photos of us, the house, our families and our dogs!!! This is a work in progress.

So, we soon will arrive to a stopping point waiting for the FBI clearance before being able to send the documents to Colombia. When the dossier is ready, it has to be translate and then submit to the ICBF. Hopefully that will happen the second week of January, the latest.


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