Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Study Addendum

So we though that everything was said, that whoever reads our home study and psych evaluation will know single detail about us (even more than we know ourselves). We were sooo wrong!!! It looks like there is more that can be said and that is what ICBF wants from us.

We are already in conversation with our Home Study agency to have the Addendum done; it may involve a couple of more visits to our house or interviews. When it is ready, we will have to send it to our agency in Washington DC and then it will need to be translated and then be submitted to ICBF. So I'm estimating that it may take another three months before we are approved, which will be after year year since we started this process. Anyway, I think that we may get a child at the end of 2013! (unless I convince Talley that we need to have a sibling group!).


Gwen said...

How frustrating! We are a year into it also and we have nothing...not even a oaky or nokay. I will pray for you and hope that the process goes quickly!

Vanessa said...

Praying for things to go smooth!