Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Study Addendum - II

So this is exciting... we have something new to do with the adoption process and it is not only to wait!

I picked the Addendum up just after two hours they notified it was ready (I took a break from work, their office is just 5 minutes away from mine!).

What are my plans for tomorrow??? Go to the Secretary of State to have the document Apostilled, then send it to Washington DC for Adopolis to send it to Colombia. Then back to work...

Then we will wait for translation, then it will go to ICBF... and finally get approval! Maybe another month or two before approval? We are soo close! Curious enough, it will be close to the year mark since we started the process.

What are we doing on the mean time? Simple, we are working like crazy. Talley is studying to complete his Linux certification and I'm starting classes to finish my bachelor degree. So that will keep us busy for a little bit. Hopefully at the time we finish our goals, we will be very close to get a child :-D


Gracias Mexico said...

Congrats! It felt like it took forever for us to get all our paperwork together. It took us a year to gather our paperwork and get approved too. You're not alone! Now that we don't have the paperwork to do it feels odd. But we're still keeping very busy, way busier than we expected. And I think being busy helps a lot to minimize some of the waiting anxiety! So that is very smart that you two are making such great use of this time.

Gwen said...

Great! I am glad it got done so quickly!

Steve and Laura said...

Congrats on completing your paperwork! It's a huge load off your mind when it's done, huh? And then you know you could get the referral right away, or a long ways away. Just keep the tough as the wait is, it will eventually happen! :)