Thursday, January 29, 2009

Small update

Things got a little bit busy around the Spiller's house, but we are going back to normal now. My mom came to visit us last week and it was soooo good to have her here to spoil us!!! I think Talley really wants her to come here more often to see if I get by osmosis any housewife skills. Also my little brother got married to the beautiful woman who is in our Christmas photo. It was a very small ceremony and we are looking forward to plan the BIG wedding in Venezuela soon!

Anyway, back to the adoption topic. On January 16th our dossier was sent to Colombia for translation. On January 20th we were told that the private orphanage haven't decide if they are going to take new families, so Talley and I agree to have our papers send to ICBF. I keep believing that God is pointing us out to the right place where our child is at.

Well, that is it for now ;-)


Megan said...

Wonderful!! Congrats!! Thank is wonderful news! We are also not waiting for Los Pisingos anymore and are moving forward to ICBF...we are in this together : )

Nancy said...

Thank you Megan!!! We may travel at the same time, who knows!