Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home Study Renewal - Getting ready for social worker visit

This is our third time when a Social Worker comes to visit our house to make sure we are still suitable to become parents. At this time, I would say we are pros! You have to see us today, just relaxing even that tomorrow is the "visit".

If you are new to this process, my best recommendation is to relax. Yes, you want to make a good impression to your social worker, but they are not doing a white glove inspection. They just want to make sure you have a place where you can raise a child, thats all. So don't freak out!

This is what we have done for tomorrow to get the house ready:
  • Mow the lawn
  • Clean the house: clean bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, pantry. Picked up any clutter. This is regular weekly cleaning!
  • Wash the dog
  • Made iced tea (I know, it sounds silly, but we need to have something to serve other than water and beer!)
  • Maybe I will bake cupcakes (I rarely bake, but I like to do it! So the visit is just a good excuse to bake right now!)
Of course, when the social worker comes, it is not just a walk through the house, we also have an interview! My husband and I talked about any changes that happened during last year, any changes we want to do in our home study.. and that is it. We are in the same page, so we should be re-approved with flying colors!

NOTE: in the first visit when preparing the report for the first time, they do ask A LOT of questions and even flush the toile! See my post about it back in 2009


Megan said...

It is funny...we just had our visit this week too! I was so relaxed this time...laughing with Andy that I realized I did not even shower before - haha! Everything was presentable but nowhere near how prepared I was the last 2 times! I am sure we will have to update it at least one more time..but here is hoping that by some miracle it is the last time for both of us!

Angel said...


I had no idea you were in this process! Wow. I'm so excited for you guys.