Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are no-news good news?

Well, if you have follow our timeline and previous posts, on May 17th it will be three months since our dossier made it to ICBF. Adopolis mentioned that it should be approve between 2-3 months, or maybe more.
I coudn't wait until the 3-months mark to ask for a status update so I emailed them on Monday. I received the reply today: "No news". She will check with her contact in Bogota to see if there is anything new.

Well, I have to look at the possitive side of this: At least we are not rejected! (no yet ;-)


em and pete said...

Urgh...I hate waiting. :) I hope no news is good news and you have an approval date soon with no additional info needed!!!

Megan said...

I feel the same way as you!! Waiting sucks ;) Hoping the next that you here is an approval ;) Love the look of the new blog too...and Happy Mother's Day! It counts to celebrate mother's day while you are is like being pregnant with a very long gestation ;) All the best!

Camilla said...

Hope you will get some good news soon! And as em and pete said that you do not need any additional info.


Nancy said...

Thank you for your comments, believe me that they mean a lot to me!